Angel Guard - Slip, Grip & Clip...Installs in Seconds

  • Slips on easily without any tools
  • Works well with special needs
  • Easy to remove in an emergency
  • Perfect for transportation companies
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Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

Made Right Here in the USA!

  • This product saved my sanity. My 2 ½ year old could unbuckle his carseat from the seat belt buckle and also escape from the carseat belt. I purchased this item and a new carseat and we finally have him secure. I would pay $100 for this product if it meant he stayed in his seat--fortunately, it's only $20. And it arrived in 2 days, no less. What a blessing this item is.
      - Renee S.
  • The Angel Guard has worked wonderfully from the first day we purchased them. It has given us back the peace of mind that we lost when he unbuckled himself. It is easy to use and is without a doubt child proof.
      - Dan Reyes
  • Our 5 years has autism and is hard to keep buckled in his seat. This has been a lifesaver - wish we found it sooner!
      - Nicole Byrd