About The Angel Guard Inventor

They say “necessity is the mother of invention”. Patricia Mandarino must be that mother and her daughter Marilyn is the necessity. After the little three year-old learned she could release herself from her seatbelt by simply pushing the button, Patricia set out to find a way to prevent that and protect her. The result was the invention of the Angel Guardâ„¢. The easy-to-use clip keeps little fingers from disengaging their seatbelt, while still allowing for parents to quickly unbuckle them without the aid of any other device.

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The ANGEL GUARD is a seat belt release cover which acts as a safety barrier that deters children from disengaging the seat belt buckle. In surveys we have found that children disengaging the seat belt is an ongoing problem that many parents face. In other cases, an older sibling may undo the seat belt which is anchoring a nearby infant seat thereby compromising the safety of the baby. The ANGEL GUARD has become increasingly popular with parents of special needs children as they strive to keep them buckled in as well. The ANGEL GUARD is constructed of Makrolon GP, a high-tech plastic from Bayer. The material is 30 times stronger than acrylic, light-weight, and offers a high level of durability. Easy installation, it takes only seconds to install and disengage. Clear color only. Pack of 2.

We are proud to say Angel Guard is a product produced and made in the U.S.A