Paul Webber MD MPH

"Brilliant, intuitive product. Any dementia patient transported from a care facility should be protected with an Angel Guard. These people knew how to drive and use a seatbelt once, and hence are at great risk of unbuckling in a moving vehicle. This is car seat for seniors." See you in the Tank, Tricia! Paul & Jeanne with BakBone.

Lutitia Merlan of New York

I went looking online for this product not knowing if it existed or not but knew i need something to keep my almost three year old in his carseat now that he has gotten to big to fit in the harness system. I love love love this product it has made my child safe again.. I ordered this item on a thursday evening and recieved it monday afternoon i was thrilled it came so quickly i recommend this product to all parents with children who like to get out of thier seats.

Renee S. of Batavia, IL

This product saved my sanity. My 2 ½ year old could unbuckle his carseat from the seat belt buckle and also escape from the carseat belt. I purchased this item and a new carseat and we finally have him secure. I would pay $100 for this product if it meant he stayed in his seat–fortunately, it’s only $20. And it arrived in 2 days, no less. What a blessing this item is.

Mark and Emily Hotaling of Unadilla, NY

We have a 13 year old handicapped son who has recently has found it amusing to undo his seat belt . He knows that it’s wrong but continues to do this. It has brought great stress to both my husband and myself. Upon arriving home, I immediately went to the internet to search to see if there were an item that would help us and to prevent him from doing this. We came upon your website offering the Angel Guard seatbelt lock. We made the purchase in hopes that it would work. After receiving your product, my husband took the boys in the car to go to the store and he called me on the cell phone and stated to me “This is the best investment that we’ve ever made.” We can now travel without having to worry about the safety of our son and the stress of the situation is alleviated.. We are very satisfied with your product and should the occasion arise, we will be happy to recommend your product to friends and relatives.

Nicole Byrd of Powell, OH

Our 5 years has autism and is hard to keep buckled in his seat. This has been a lifesaver – wish we found it sooner!

Barbara Corbett of Toms River, NJ

This clever little item was worth it’s weight in gold! I was driving my daughter and grandsons to our family vacation in NC. The 2 year old had begun unbuckling his seat belt. This little cover prevented him from doing so while we made that long drive, and gave both my daughter and I piece of mind. A child safety seat does not offer protection if the child can unbuckle the seatbelt that is holding it in place.

Dan Reyes of Tampa, FL

We came across your product at the Walk Now For Autism event in Tampa. At that time, our son who was diagnosed with autism over 5 years ago has been unbuckling his seatbelt while sitting in his booster seat. Much to our dismay, this became extremely problematic when his big sister was not in the backseat with him while we drove. While at the event, we purchased multiple Angel Guards to make sure we had one in every car in our family and one in each grandparents car. The Angel Guard has worked wonderfully from the first day we purchased them. It has given us back the peace of mind that we lost when he unbuckled himself. It is easy to use and is without a doubt child proof. I recommend it to any parent who is concerned about the safety of their children and who is unwilling to compromise when it comes to quality, safety, and user friendliness. Thank you for developing this amazing safety product!

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